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So you need to surrender your pet...Let us walk you through the process

The is no reason for anyone to just abandon an animal....Many animals are found on sides of roads in dumpsters and other horrific places. Others are turned in by their owners for many and varied reasons. Surrendering an animal to our shelter is very simple and you will be treated with respect. You will have to fill out a simple form with the assistance of a staff member and you then you will be on your way. This process takes as little as 10-15 minutes and gives the pet a fighting chance. We cannot, however, guarantee we can find an animal a home, but promise to do everything we can for that animal.

We do not require a fee to surrender a pet if you are a resident of Elmore County, but do ask for a donation. If you are not from Elmore County, then we ask you to please take your animal to your supporting county/city shelter since we are really here to support the animals and citizens from Elmore County. If we do choose to take in your animal from outside of our county, please understand we require a minimum $25 donation to help off-set the fact that we do not receive any funding from the county you are from and for us to keep helping animals requires money. We do ask for driver’s licenses or other proof of identity, so please be honest with us - we will help you if we can. As a non-profit organization all donations are critical to our ability to continue helping animals in need and are greatly appreciated. We will also give you a receipt for your donation.

If you are surrendering your own pet, it is important to us to know all the reasons why and as much about your pet as you can tell us. This helps us place your pet in a home where it will 'fit' for the rest of its life. If you can print out the appropriate document (dog or cat) and fill in as much information as possible it will truly help us as we work to find an appropriate new home for your pet. The documents are four pages, but virtually all of it is checking boxes, so it really won’t take you much time to fill out so you can bring with your pet. If you have veterinary records on your pet, please bring those with you as that also helps us know about the medical care your pet has already received.
Please do NOT have someone else bring your pet to us – when you surrender a pet it is technically a transfer of ownership and we need YOU, the owner, to sign over your pet.  More importantly we need to be able to ask YOU about your pet, its behavior, its medical care, etc so we can have the best possible information to find your pet a new home.  We reserve the right to refuse an intake of an ‘owned’ pet not being surrendered by the actual owner so please don’t put your family, friends, neighbors in an awkward position.

We do not release the name of the person who has brought in an animal to us unless you give us permission on the Intake Form as that information is considered confidential. We also do not release the names of adopters unless they also give written permission.

We can take in dogs and cats and domesticated animals, but we cannot take in wildlife as we are not a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. If you need help with wildlife, feel free to call us (567-3377) and we will do our best to help point you in the right direction.

E-mail: hselco@bellsouth.net      PHONE: (334) 567-3377      FAX: (334) 567-8774

The Humane Society Of Elmore County   255 Central Plank Road (Hwy 9)  Wetumpka, Alabama 36092