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255 Central Plank Road (Hwy 9) 

Wetumpka, AL 36092

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Dear Friend of the Humane Society of Elmore County,


We would like to invite you to be a member of our society.  As Elmore County grows, the need for our shelter and its ability to assist with lost, abandoned and unwanted pets also grows.  Becoming a member of our Society helps us further demonstrate that concern for pet overpopulation and responsible pet ownership goes beyond our shelter facility.  As a non-profit (501c3) organization, your membership also helps us care for the over 5,000 animals that come through our doors each year.  Your membership also gives you a vote at the Annual Meeting to elect new Board Members who oversee the shelter’s mission and operation.


So what does it cost to join our family? Individual @ $25/year, Family @ $40/year, Lifetime @ $500/one time*, Business/Patron @ $150/year, Business/Patron Lifetime @ $1,000/one time**New memberships are welcome at any time of the year though to help our small staff better manage member renewals we will then send out subsequent renewal notices for a January to December annual membership cycle.  


Our shelter is an open admission shelter which means we never turn away an animal in need (bite cases are the only exception to this in accordance with Alabama law).  We are also a mandatory spay/neuter shelter so that we can do our part to help stem the crisis of pet overpopulation.  On a daily basis we care for injured and sick animals, and are wonderfully supported by the tri-county area veterinarians who help us promote good health and responsible pet ownership.  We welcome any person to come visit our shelter, meet our staff and see how we care for all of our animals. 


The Humane Society of Elmore County  provides a valuable service to the citizens of Elmore County and our small, but dedicated staff works hard every day to help animals in need.  Please join us today to help us continue our mission to ensure the best possible quality of life for animals, to prevent cruelty to animals, to stop pet overpopulation, to strive for the humane care, treatment, and well-being of all animals through education and information, and to promote public health and safety in regards to human and animal interaction.



                                                            Thank you for your support,


  Rea D. Cord
  Humane Society of Elmore County





E-mail: hselco@bellsouth.net      PHONE: (334) 567-3377      FAX: (334) 567-8774

The Humane Society Of Elmore County   255 Central Plank Road (Hwy 9)  Wetumpka, Alabama 36092