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View adoption contract (This is not our complete contract, but does have all the terms so you can read and be familiar with prior to adopting from our shelter).

To apply for one of our pets please print the attached Adoption Application, please read and fill in both pages, sign and then either scan and email to hselco@bellsouth.net or fax to us at 334-567-8774.  You can bring an Application in person to us but we may not be able to act on it right then so getting it to us before you come to visit a pet can expedite the adoption process.  Failure to answer all questions or providing false or misleading information can result in denial of your application. You must be at least 19 Years Old to Adopt.  Adoption Application-PDF        

Our goal is to place the pet in the best home for that pet taking many issues into account in regards to both the adopter and the pet.  We reserve the right to deny an adoption if we feel it is in the best interest of the pet.  Denial does not necessarily mean you cannot adopt from us, it might just mean we want to work with you to help find that pet which will be a better fit for your family, household and lifestyle.

If the adoption involves shipping the pet out of our state, then the minimum age of that animal for adoption is four months old. This will allow for us to have that animal spayed or neutered prior to it being transported out of our control and will add up to a week to the adoption process.

No Adoptions at shelter prior to 10am during the week and 9 am on Saturdays.  We are closed to the public on Sundays only because we just don’t have enough funding and staffing to be open seven days/week.

The shelter is also generally closed on the following holidays:

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.


Heartworm Positive Dogs:

For Adopters willing to adopt and treat a dog that has heartworms at their expense.  We will first ask you to fill out our Adoption Application like all adopters.  Once approved and if you are willing to treat the dog in question for heartworms you will pay our normal adoption fee of $100.  But once we verify with your Veterinarian the completion of the treatment, we will refund  our $100 adoption fee to help you with the costs you have incurred and in tremendous appreciation that you were able and willing to undertake that expense and effort to save a life.  

View Full Policies/Details For “Distant” Adopters Below...

Adopting a pet is a very personal event, which generally takes meeting the potential animal in person. Our preference is for potential adopters to meet the pet at our shelter or adoption location in person. And if you are looking for a dog and already have one, we want you to bring your dog to meet its potential playmate. Reality is that not all dogs get along, so better to find that out before an adoption than after you bring a new pet home. Besides, having the two dogs meet on the neutral territory of our play yard is a much better way for them to meet so your dog doesn’t feel as threatened by an “intruder’ to its home.

But we have done many very successful adoptions to families in other states and have pets in wonderful homes all the way from California to Connecticut, Florida to Oregon and all places in between.

If you are not local to our shelter and interested in one of our pets, here are some wickets we need you to go through to get to the point of adoption:

- Email or call us to let us know which pet you are interested in. Fill out and send us the Adoption Application above and feel free to add as much info as you want so that we will have a clear understanding as to how the pet will live (in or out, pet alone all day or with family members, etc)), what other pets you have, whether your pets are spayed/neutered and current on their immunizations and heartworm preventive, what type fencing you have, children in your household or who visit routinely, etc. - - Feel free to bury us in information about you, your family, your living situation, your pets, etc. More info is always better than too little.
- We will need your complete name, address and phone number and the name of your veterinarian with their phone number for a reference as we will call.
- We will need you to be o’k with a possible home check and work those with rescue or shelter organizations in your area to do those.

So now we are at the point where we have all agreed that you will be a great home for one of our pets, what next?

Actual Adoption - We can do the adoption telephonically and you can make the payment using a credit card on our website or over the phone.  You will pay our normal adoption fee (http://www.elmorehumane.org/fees.htm) but shipping a pet to a new home across the county will entail quite a few more costs. Add $25 for a health certificate (required for pets going to other states and must also be done by a licensed veterinarian). More than likely you will need to add another $15 to cover the cost of a collar and leash for your pet and anywhere from $60-$250 for a crate depending on the size of the pet.  To get the pet to the airport means a two hour drive for either a volunteer or staff so that necessitates covering mileage at a cost of $170 (based on 2016 mileage rate of .54/mile).

Transport – This goes hand in hand with the adoption so you know if you truly want to go through with the adoption and so we know you are prepared for the costs of getting the pet to you since the costs and making all the arrangements must be done by the adopter. Working the transportation piece is primarily the adopter’s responsibility. The most efficient method will generally be to move the pet by commercial airlines (for us either the Birmingham or Atlanta airports), but ground transport is another possibility and you can, of course, drive to us to pick up your pet (which potentially alleviates many charges). The adopter is responsible for contacting the airlines and making the arrangements, but must also talk to us to make sure we can work getting the pet to the airline from our end. Travel time from our shelter to the Atlanta airport is three hours (accounting for the time change as we are in the Central Time Zone and Atlanta is in the Eastern Time Zone) and to the Birmingham airport is two hours and don’t forget that pets generally have to be to the cargo department two hours prior to the flight. Please don’t set up a departure time that necessitates someone from our end having to depart their home at 2-3 am. Within reason, and our ability with staff or a volunteer, we will work to facilitate linking the pet up with a transport or even getting it to an airport, but this does take a LOT of coordination between us. Here are a couple of cautions on air transport: as airlines have found that the intrinsic value of our pets has significantly increased, most have tightened their shipment rules to protect the pets. Most airlines will NOT ship a pet if the air temperature on the ground anywhere along the route is over 80 or 85 degrees Fahrenheit which means shipping a pet from our area of the country during the summer is going to be a challenge unless they offer evening cargo flights. Some airlines also restrict shipment of certain breeds, so you will need to check out each airline’s rules. The American Kennel Club has compiled some great information on the airlines and pet shipment which you can access at this web link here.

As a recap, here is an example of the costs you might incur to ship a dog in the U.S. via an airline:

Fees paid to our SHELTER:

Dog Adoption Fee       $100
Health Certificate         $25
Collar & Leash             $15
Crate anywhere from   $60 - $250
(depending on dog size for airline approved crate)
Gas/Vehicle Expense  $170    (for driving pet to airport)
Total  - $370 - $560

Fee paid to Airline for Shipping Cost - $250-$750

So you could be looking at a total cost of anywhere from $620 - $1310   NOT counting your own travel costs on your end.

With effort and planning it is entirely possible to adopt a pet from afar. Please just be prepared for the process and lots of back and forth communication. We will call you when the pet is safely in the control of the airlines personnel and ask that you contact us when your pet has safely arrived so we can all breathe a bit better knowing that your pet is with you safe and sound.

Hope this has helped and we look forward to placing our pets in loving and lifetime homes no matter where they are located.


Horse Adoption Rules/Application:


In general, horses held by the Humane Society of Elmore County will NOT be at our shelter location but in a foster stable situation.  This means adoptable horses are available for viewing by appointment only.

You can fill out an adoption application and submit it via email or snail mail. We’ll contact you to schedule a phone interview. If it appears we have a horse or other animal that would be a good match for you, we’ll happily schedule a convenient time for the two of you to meet.

We will make every effort to match you with the animal you want to adopt, but here are some things we’ll ask you to agree to before the process can begin:

  • You will not sell the animal for slaughter.
  • You will not use it for breeding purposes.
  • You will not use it for racing or rodeo.
  • You will permit us to visit the facility where the animal will be maintained.

We promise to represent our animals honestly, based on what we know of their past circumstances, what we observe, and what we are able to accomplish while they are in our care. However, we can make no guarantees as to any animal’s future health or behavior. We will ask that you sign a waiver to that effect.

We are available to provide assistance or advice about any animal you adopt. But please understand that, once ownership is transferred, the adoption is final. If you find yourself unable to provide appropriate care, we’ll be glad to discuss your options with you.

Note that male animals, except for those that are medically unfit for the procedure, will be gelded (neutered) prior to adoption.

Adoption fees range from $100 to $1,000.



Adoption Fees Located Here

E-mail: hselco@bellsouth.net      PHONE: (334) 567-3377      FAX: (334) 567-8774

The Humane Society Of Elmore County   255 Central Plank Road (Hwy 9)  Wetumpka, Alabama 36092